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World Enviro Day
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Hippoworks: Simon Says "Let's Stop Climate Change"   
Music DVD Just Released!

2nd Kao International Environment
Paint Contest for Children

Deadline September 16, 2011

Painting on left created by
Tripama Mitra, Age 13, of India

Alligator Boogaloo Global Warming Feature
Globey Boogaloo

Kids's Boogaloos: What's a boogaloo? -- Fun Media Illustrations

Professeur Atchoum (Professor Sneeze)
Je vais t'expliquer les changements climatiques
et te donner des conseils pour protéger la terre.
Veux-tu suivre mes aventures et celles de mes amis ?

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Sing with kids all over the world: 100 Generations
Kid Earth website    Lyrics (in several languages)    The original band   

Kanye, Botswana

Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Paris, France

Addis Ababa,

Rap version -- Nick Streets,
Stanford Graduate

Ren-Ai school
Song by Aitan, a 12 year old boy who likes music but doesn't like global warming
"We can save the earth if people of all ages around the world work together."

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Paint for the Planet
Children Call for Action at UNICEF    
Kids' Posters on Climate Change  Interactive Exhibit at UN
Movies on Children and Climate Change



Faites l'art avec Professeur Atchoum   /   Make art with Professor Sneeze

Songs by Hippoworks   
On Top of Our Planet / Snows of Kilimanjaro (Songs)   

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