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Japan for Sustainability

100 Generations
Sung by kids in
Kanye, Botswana
and all over the world

Dulanjana Wathsaridu Karunarathna, Sri Lanka
2008 Eco-Heroes

Alec Loorz, Age 13,
Founder of

California Climate
Arielle Gillman

Oak Park News -- 2008

      Cool the Earth      
Engaging kids and their families in climate change,
taking simple, measurable actions to conserve energy.
Collectively, these actions, and an increased awareness of energy,
will make a significant impact on global warming.
For K-8 students and their parents, families.

Green Brigade: now with teams in 12 countries
Founder, Chitranshu Tewari, receives 2009 Eco Hero Award
Barsa: Climate Champion, selected by British Council
Events and Programs   Photo Gallery   Blog
Green Brigade coordinator, also a Climate Champion
Green Consumerism    In the News    Join
Event: PIHASAS '09 ... Because we need to wake up !


European Commission -- Directorate -- General for Energy and Transportation: Kids Corner

Nickelodeon & Pew Center's
The Big Green Help

The Big Green Quiz
Message Board

A Nickelodeon-Pew Project
Pew Center on Global Climate Change-- Kids Page

Multiplayer game designed for 16 year old UK students.
Good for ages 13+ . DEFRA

Climate Ark and the Eco-Earth Web Sites
Sister portal sites we recommend -- working together to bring you the finest resources
Climate Ark   Rainforests       Forests          Oceans     Water Conserve   Eco-Earth

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