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2010 AAAS
Family Science Days

Colin Carson, Age 11
Founder of:

Cool Coventry Club

Dulanjana Wathsaridu
Karunarathna, Sri Lanka
2008 Eco-Heroes

Alec Loorz, Age 13,
Founder of

California Climate
Arielle Gillman

Oak Park News -- 2008

Prachi Lalit Mishra, India

Events and Conferences

Sunday Streets -- San Francisco -- Photos
March through October 2012
Creating a safe, fun, car-free place for people to get out and get
active in the neighborhoods -- while taking on global warming.
25,000 to 75,000 participating each event.

Fun, hands-on science with
Videos   Pictures   About

Green Kids Conference    
June 10, 2012 -- 11am to 4pm
Featuring hands-on climate science, climate scientists
Register:    Attendees    Exhibitors    Sponsors
First Conference held June 2011
Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus  Mountain View, California
Videos, photos   More conference photos

Agenda and Exhibitors   About Event Organizers
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Mobile Climate Science Labs    
Presented at Public Events and Conferences

Every Year

Earth Day 2011
U.S. & Planetwide

For Kids, Families
Including events in: Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, Roseville, Sacramento,
San Diego, San Francisco, San Rafael, San Jose -- and many more cities

Annual Climate Change Summit at MIT
Hosted by Boston Latin School Youth CAN and Technology Forum at MIT
Last Held May 21, 2011   Cambridge, MA -- USA    Photos & Video
Previous summits:   2007   2008   2009   2010

 Earth Hour Kids  -- Earth Hour around the world  Photos: 2010, 2011

NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory-- Climate Day
For Students/Educators, everyone. Pasadena/Los Angeles
Hands-on science demonstrations, exhibits, talks by scientists, animations
competitions, career information, teacher and community resources.

Green Kids Conference    
Second Annual Conference June 10, 2012

See the event photos

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus  Mountain View, California
Agenda and Exhibitors   About Event Organizers
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Bioneers Conference
Education IS Empowerment!
Youth Empowering Youth to Stop Climate Change

With Science Theater Presentation
by ClimateChangeEducation.Org -- 10/10/10 [October 10, 2010]  
Resister  Map
Saturday Work Party: Building Tools
for Schools -- Climate Change Science Evidence

Last year's photos: 1  2  3  Video: worldwide 350's

350 of the Species Threatened by Global Warming
Mammals   Birds   Fish

Girl Scouts of Northern California
30th Anniversary of Golden Gate Bridging!
Sold out event: 5,000 scouts. Crissy Field, San Francisco. May 7, 2011
With Mobile Climate Science Labs
Examples of GS Nor Cal webpages, programs on climate change: 1 2 3 4

On-Going, Listings

Earth Team: Cool Schools Global Warming Campaign
Events in Bay Area, California, US

Theater Show for Kids (Ages 4-9)
The Curse of the Grabbers
by Professor Paradox (also a real scientist)
Climate Change Wales partner -- touring UK

Some Past Events and Conferences

AAAS's Family Science Days
America's Finest Annual Hands-on Science Event, NASA & Guests
National gathering of climate & energy science demo's.

Held February 20 & 21, 2010
San Diego Convention Center-- Kids, families welcome: Free!

How Great is the AAAS Conference?
Thousands doing real science together.
Serious hands-on demonstration fun:
kids, scientists, families, teachers, students, artists, TV and newspaper reporters
What Science Ed. can be. Join in!
Photos from San Francisco
Annual Conference -- 2007

All working together to take on global warming:
•Kids  •Scientists  •Educators •Museums
•State of California •TV News
  Photos of past year's conferences

Boy Scouts of America -- 100th Anniversary Jamboree
Hands-on Climate and Energy Science, NASA, Chabot Space and Science Center,
Solar Schoolhouse, more.    Held April 16 -18

Largest hands-on science event in Northern California in 2010.
Alameda County Fairgrounds --26,000 attended 

Copenhagen Conference: Children's Climate Forum
28th of November till 4th of December, 2009
City Hall of Copenhagen, Denmark.
180 kids, ages 14-17.
From 42 different countries. 2-5 per country

Forum Event Webpage   

Nordisk Klimadag / Nordic Climate Day
November 11, 2009

Participate in what might become the world's
biggest school mobile event ever.
dansk     svenska     norsk     islenka     suomi
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Greenland

Osallistukaa maailman ehkä suurimpaan kännykkäkokeiluun
11. marraskuuta 2009.

iMatter March       
On the city blocks of San Francisco and the suburban parks
of Philadelphia. From Beijing to Boston, and Ghana to Greece.
From Knoxville to Whoville and everywhere town in between.

   Blog   Facebook   Poster   Video   

UNEP's International Children and Youth Conference.
Biggest-Ever Youth Gathering on Climate Change
Held in Daejeon, Republic of Korea -- August 2009.
Less Talk, More Action on Climate Change, Young People Urge


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