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California Climate
Arielle Gillman

Oak Park News -- 2008

Colin Carson, Age 11
Founder of:

Cool Coventry Club

Dulanjana Wathsaridu
Karunarathna, Sri Lanka
2008 Eco-Heroes

Alec Loorz, Age 13,
Founder of

Prachi Lalit Mishra, India

Green Kids Now, Inc.
Events    Activities    News/Feedback    Pledge    Art
Founded by Pavan Raj Gowda, Fremont, California, USA
Children Story Book: Two Tales from a Kid
Green Kids Conference -- every year

Green Kids Conference    
First Annual Conference held June 18th, 2011

See the event photos

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus  Mountain View, California
Agenda and Exhibitors   About Event Organizers
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      Cool the Earth      
Engaging kids and their families in climate change,
taking simple, measurable actions to conserve energy.
Collectively, these actions, and an increased awareness of energy,
will make a significant impact on global warming.
For K-8 students and their parents, families.

   Catalog Cancelling Challenge 1 2 3

Short Promo for
Cancelling Catalog Kids

Star Wars
Don't be on the Darth side

Kids Rap
Cancelling is fun!

   Hot Stuff -- Chill Out   
Cool Projects   Classes   Forum   How it works    About
The Hot Stuff -- Chill Out project links school classes around the world.
Exchange ideas across the planet, share projects with partner class.

Inconvenient Youth
"An initiative of The Climate Project, a place where teenagers
13-18 can share their inconvenient ideas and action steps in
order to help solve the climate crisis. By creating a profile,
you can connect with other teens near you in order to
fight climate change and put a stop to global warming."

Ideas  Actions  Profile  For Educators  Partners  Blog  About

   Green Brigade   
Events and Programs   Photo Gallery   Blog
Green Brigade coordinator, also a Climate Champion
Green Consumerism    In the News    Join
Event: PIHASAS '09 ... Because we need to wake up !

   Kids Organizations, Groups   

ECO: Environmental
Children's Organization
addresses the UN --1992

Alec Loorz on CNN


Green Ambassadors
Environmental Charter HS

Earth Team: Cool Schools Global Warming Campaign
Based in Bay Area (California, US)     Start a Group     News Team
The Green News --written by kids: articles, interviews, poetry, videos

2011 Eco-Hero Awards:
Winners notified May 2011 Call for Eco-Heroes  Guidelines
2010 International Young Eco-Heroes
Action for Nature -- Awards
Includes Muthamizh of Tamilnadu, India -- Age 15
and Aitan Grossman of California, US -- Age 13

Sending climate scientists a thank you card!

Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network  
Annual Climate Summit   Greening Our School   BLS is an Eco School  
Education  Green Roof   Sustainability & Food   Energy  Recycling
   Climate Action Network   Initiatives  Fenway Coalition
  Photos & Video

iMatter March -- Held March 8, 2011        
On the city blocks of San Francisco and the suburban parks
of Philadelphia. From Beijing to Boston, and Ghana to Greece.
From Knoxville to Whoville and everywhere town in between.

   Blog   Facebook   Poster   Video   

NRDC Green Squad
Kids taking action for greener, healthier schools
En Español

Roots and Shoots
The Power of Youth - Program of the Jane Goodall Institute
ReBirth the Earth: Trees for Tomorrow - 3,100 Planted!
ReBirth Video with Jane Goodall

The 4-casters
Zach, Tyler, Chris and Andrew

Action for Nature
Eco-Hero Awards:  Are You an Eco-Hero?
Recycling Game     Clean Up Game
Great Book   Links   Taking Action

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