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Colin Carson, Age 11
Founder of:

Cool Coventry Club

Dulanjana Wathsaridu
Karunarathna, Sri Lanka
2008 Eco-Heroes

California Climate
Arielle Gillman

Oak Park News -- 2008

World Environment Day
2008 -- India

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Professeur Atchoum (Professor Sneeze)
Je vais t'expliquer les changements climatiques
et te donner des conseils pour protéger la terre.
Veux-tu suivre mes aventures et celles de mes amis ?

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On-Line Stories, Crafts, and Pictures in English et Français

Kids -- Create Your Future Website -- From Japan!
Japan for Sustainability : Recommendations

Global Warming Cartoonlets -- from Hippoworks
Episode #4 -- The Power of...
 More Global Warming Cartoonlets

Para crianças / From Brazil, for Kids
ABC da Mudanças Climática
Cartilha do Planetinha (14 page pdf)

Brazil/Brasil (Portuguese)

2011 Eco-Hero Awards:
Winners notified May 2011 Call for Eco-Heroes  Guidelines
2010 International Young Eco-Heroes
Action for Nature -- Awards
Includes Muthamizh of Tamilnadu, India -- Age 15
and Aitan Grossman of California, US -- Age 13

Sending climate scientists a thank you card!

Earth Team: Cool Schools Global Warming Campaign
Based in Bay Area (California, US)     Start a Group     News Team
The Green News --written by kids: articles, interviews, poetry, videos

Earth Hour  -- Photos & Videos of March 28    WWF    Earth Hour Kids


European Commission -- Directorate -- General for Energy and Transportation: Kids Corner

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