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Student Surveys School's Carbon Footprint
Science Fair Project by: Matan
School: Montera Middle School, Oakland CA, USA.

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Science Fair Projects
on Global Warming, Climate Change and/or Solutions

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The 4-casters
Zach, Tyler, Chris and Andrew

Comparing the Effect on Sea Level of Melting Ice Bergs Vs. Glaciers
Patrick Weston, Grade 7.
Sea Crest Middle School, Half Moon Bay, California.

Effects of NO2, CO2, and SO2 on Global Warming

Maria won first place in the Environmental Division at the Calumet Regional Science fair in 2000. Her project was about the effect of Nitrogen di oxide, Carbon dioxide, and Sulfur dioxide on global warming. She used sensors interfaced with a computer to measure the temperature changes with both UV and incandescent light

Global Warming Solutions
Geoff Olynyk, Grade 11
Aldershot High School, Burlington, Ontario
2001 Young Candian Award Winner --$4500

Casa De Mir School-Wide Symposium and Science Fair on Climate Change, 2007
Karen Motreja and Ian James.
Montessori School in Campbell, CA
Cover Story: Campbell Reporter
Energy Consumption Survey   Symposium Agenda   KPFA Interview

A Toxicity Assay to Understand the Effects of Global Warming
Brenda Heintz and Kevin Heffern
International Science Fair in Phoenix, Arizona 2005

Cosmic Rays and Global Warming
Holly Reid Batchelor, 17-year-old from Edinburgh, Scotland.
The British Association for the Advancement of Science
Service CREST Science Fair

Do you have a science fair project on global warming, climate change and/or solutions? Do you know of a student who does? Send us your weblink.

If you don't have a webpage, you can send us information about your project. We'd be glad to receive descriptions and photos of your project. In order for us to run a photo of you, we will need a photo release, which we can arrange if you are selected for the GlobalWarming Kids.Net website.

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