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Mobile Climate Science Labs    
Presented by at Lawrence Hall of Science, Tech Museum,
Chabot Space & Science Center, California Academy of Sciences, The Exploratorium.

Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Feeling the Heat:
The Climate Challenge

Slideshow of Exhibit
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Letting Kids Discover Climate Change Science Evidence for Themselves

AAAS's Family Science Days
America's Finest Annual Hands-on Science Event, NASA & Guests
National gathering of climate & energy science demo's.

Thousands together: kids, families, scientists, and press.

Teknikens Hus    Home [English]    About
     Exhibit: Klimatgreppet (Grasping Climate) [English]
      Very Hands On. Physical Interactives. Includes link to descriptive film.
Teacher Guidebook [72 page! pdf]     Links
Travelling Exhibit: Brochure[15 pg pdf]   Tour Schedule

Exhibit:Cold Poles Hot Stuff -- Arctic and Antarctic research
Tour Schedule     Brochure     Descriptive Film [Swedish]

Monterey Bay Aquarium --New Exhibit Opened March 29:
Exhibit on Climate Change: Hot Pink Flamingos
Flamingos Web Cam    Exhibit Animals    Changing Seas
Penguins    Wading Birds    Coral Reefs    Sea Turtles and Jellies
Hope Electrified    Caring Communities    How You can Help

Exhibits on Jellies and Penguins       

Global Warming Discovery
Breathing Space -- Planetarium
8 yrs up
Nausicaa -- Stormy Weather
Climate Change Backpack
Sila: Clue into Climate Change
Climate Change Show

New England Science Center Collaborative
Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, New Hampshire
Sila (Canada)

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