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Take Aim At
Climate Change

Video by 10 year old
Nikos Spiridakis

California Climate
Arielle Gillman

Oak Park News -- 2008

Run Smog City

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families -- photos not to be copied
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Global Warming Cartoonlets -- by Hippoworks
Episodes:    #1    #2    #3    #4
On Top of Our Planet / Snows of Kilimanjaro (Songs)   


Britney Spears (respectful parody)
The Planet is Warming

The Blue Man
Earth to America

Change for Oceans
Monterey Bay Aquarium

   Kids Organizations, Groups   

ECO: Environmental
Children's Organization
addresses the UN --1992

Alec Loorz on CNN


Who have been the real world leaders on climate change? Kids!

Kids all over the world
Really care about the future.

Kids bring their message
to Copenhagen conference

Please Help the World
COP15 Conference Video

Melt: A Teenager's View of Global Warming

Lots More Kids Videos Here !
Climate Change Education.Org


Small Acts Big Impacts -
video from SeedsIndia,
New Delhi, India

Animation by Dipu Mistry,
Columbia College of

Home Sweet Home

Animation by
Charlie Thompson

Bringing Up the Kids

Eco Animation:
Happy Christmas Bear

Earth Day Videos
Earthday Everyday      It Starts with One
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