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Global Warming Kids .Net is a project of ClimateChangeEducation.Org:
We are science museum docents; students, staff and scientists at the University of California, Berkeley.

Just as important are our elementary, middle and high school student volunteers & interns.

Our volunteers are mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You may have seen us at these Bay Area science museums, doing hands-on demonstrations on climate change science and solutions:

• The Tech Museum of Innovation
• Califormia Academy of Sciences
• The Exploratorium
• Lawrence Hall Of Science
• Chabot Space and Science Center

Also, as volunteers and interns, we provide science demos and educational resources to:
In K-12 Schools
Large public events
Big science Conferences
State of California Government Policy
  and Science Research Conferences

Teacher Trainings
Corporate Trainings

We've been bringing science demos and climate change education resources to the public since 1999.

Our style is to involve people, young and old, in the science. Since we began, 10,000's of people have joined with us to engage in global warming science and solutions.

Kids, students -- you might be able to be one of our interns. How would you like to be part of building this website? What you do will be seen by millions of other kids!!

YOU can make a REAL difference.

Who says, "but you're just a kid?!"
Wait till they see what you can do.

Check with your parents and teachers -- you might be able to get school credit for your work. Make working on this web site a class credit.

K-12 or university undergraduate level internships available.

High schoolers: great experience too for when it's college application time.


Comparing oxygen and nitrogen to greenhouse gases. Why do they act different?

Designing Space Probes

Doing the CO2 Jiggle

The space probes we design will find out how it really is on each planet.
Big discoveries, that will tell us a lot about our planet..

Fell how much energy comes from the sun to each planet

Be a scientist.

Global Warming Kids .Net is a project of ClimateChangeEducation.Org:
Created by science museum docents, teachers, artists and scientists...
Together with kids! -- elementary, middle and high school student volunteers & interns.
We started in the San Francisco Bay Area and at the University of California.
Our volunteers all over the world. Join us in building this website.