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Cool Kids for a Cool Planet

Age 16, Korea
Eco-Hero 2007

Age 16, California USA
Eco-Hero 2007

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The CO2 Effect
Case of the Warming Planet
Eco-Quiz Challenges

European Space Agency
United Nations Environment Programme

New: NASA's Climate Kids
Games   Big Questions   Climate Time Machine   Video: Oceans
Eyes on Earth 3D   Tales   Green Careers
Planet Health Report   Earth Now (News)
Does harsh winter (in Eastern United States)
mean end of global warming?

Educator Resources   NASA Climate Day

US EPA's Website For Kids
Climate Change     The Greenhouse Effect
Make a Difference     Animations
 Water Cycle

Alligator Boogaloo Global Warming Feature
Globey Boogaloo

Kids's Boogaloos: What's a boogaloo?

Switch off the Lights
Energy Quest -- California Energy EQ3
Eco Kids -- Energy
EduGreen--Renewable Energy for Kids

Back 2 Cool -- campaign for back to school
Helping kids to know what different companies are doing about
climate change. Which are helping, which are harming.
Using the power of informed choices.

Hippoworks  .com

Air Quality
Clean Air Kids -- Air Quality
Kaila's Corner -- Links
Clean Air Primer
Smog City

Tiki the Penguin
Warming G'house
The Warming Greenhouse

EduGreen -- Great Website in India
World Weather Map
Maps -- India
Environment Calendar

EPA for Kids
Climate Change
Climate Animations
Greenhouse Effect
Water Cycle
Make a Difference

Ben and Jerry's
Lick Global Warming
World Warming Map
Cool Your Jets
Interactive Dorm
Fossil Fuel

Energy Quest
All About
Coloring Book
Puzzles ands
Watt's That?
Jigsaw Puzzles

More Energy Quest!

More . . .
Global Warming Kids
DEFRA for kids
7 to 12
Greenhouse Breakout

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